Welcome to the Projects of Climatematch Academy!

Every day, you will spend 3 hours working on projects and professional development activities.

Projects will give you an opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge to real climate data and work on one topic in depth. It will give you the confidence that you can.

By working together with 4-6 peers from your pod, you will learn to

  • engage in self-directed learning,

  • find meaningful problems to work on,

  • ask questions that are well-defined and answerable,

  • put concepts into practice,

  • connect physical climate phenomena to socio-economic impacts.

Everything you need to know about projects – from the daily schedule and tasks to useful tips and resources – can be found in the Daily Guide for Projects.

We are also providing a range of project materials to help you get started.

Together with other professional development activities, projects will also give you the space to start connecting your new knowledge, skills, ideas, and personal and professional connections to your life after the course.

If you would like to continue working on your project after the two-week course, we encourage you to apply to the Climatematch Impact Scholars program