Climatematch Impact Scholars program#

Two weeks is a very short period of time for scientific discovery! To take projects to the next level, Climatematch Academy, in collaboration with 2i2c, will be able to provide selected student groups with computing resources for 5 months after the course ends as part of the Climatematch Impact Scholars program. Thanks to our partnership with Fresh Eyes on CMIP, student groups will also have an opportunity to showcase their work to, and get feedback from, experienced researchers working on similar questions.


  • Each project group can submit one application. Groups can be of any size, but we understand that not every member of a group will be able to dedicate time to the project after the course and highly recommend that students who are left without a team join forces with another group. Any eventual publication should acknowledge all contributions made during or after the course.

  • Teaching Assistants are welcome to join teams as equal collaborators.

  • Any individual should only be part of one team. Participation in the program will be a part-time commitment for many, and our goal is to enable everyone to contribute to their team’s project meaningfully.

Application process#

1. Expression of interest#

July 27, 2023 (slots 2,5) / July 28, 2023 (slots 1,3,4)

Upon submission of your project slides at the end of Project Session 9, we ask that you indicate the number of people from your team who are planning to apply for extended computing resources to continue the project. We also ask whether either or both of your Teaching Assistants are interested in joining you, so please discuss this with them before submitting the form!

You will have access to computing resources until the application deadline so that you can ground your project proposal in solid preliminary analysis.

2. Application deadline#

August 31, 2023

To apply for extended resources, submit a concise two-page project proposal by the deadline. You can find the application form here:

It includes detailed information about the format and content your proposal should have.

The strongest proposals will:

  • directly build on, and be supported by, analyses conducted during the course and the following month;

  • have a clear research focus;

  • connect the climate phenomenon of interest to its socio-economic impact.

3. Application decisions#

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We will aim to get back to you within 2-3 weeks of proposal submission.

What is involved#

Selected groups will be provided with continued access to computing resources until December 31, 2023 with a possibility of further extension. They will also be offered a chance to have a blog post about their project featured on the Climatematch Academy website.

We are committed to supporting the selected teams in a way that suits their needs and are actively working to provide participants with more professional and academic opportunities, including mentorship and participation in workshops or conferences.

Once the applications are submitted, we will know more about how we can support you.

Frequently asked questions#

What should I do if no one else from my project group is planning to continue working on the project?

Please browse the submitted projects through the link shared on Discord (#impact-scholars-program) and reach out to the displayed contact person of any project that interests you. The host team reserves the right to decide who can join their team. You are welcome to reach out to multiple teams, but please join and apply as part of only one team.

Can we change the topic of our project?

Yes, but we would still like to see preliminary analyses in your application.

Can I join a different team just because their project more closely relates to my professional interests?

Yes, but please make sure that your former team is aware of this.

How will Climatematch facilitate the reforming of the project groups?

The existing pod channels on Discord will stay open until the end of the program to give teams a private working space.

If a group expands, please post the name of the new team member and the name of the pod/group in #impact-scholars-program or raise a ticket with the same information. Please make sure to tag @CISP organizers. We can then add new members to the existing pod channels to facilitate team communication.

In September, we will create additional, pod-independent spaces for teams to communicate internally and with other teams working on related topics/datasets.

What mentorship will be provided?

We will try our best to provide groups with the kind of mentorship that matches their needs and preferences. To give us an idea of what those are, we have included a few questions about mentorship in the application form. These questions will not influence application outcome.

Considering your partnership with “Fresh Eyes on CMIP” do we need to be working with CMIP data to apply?