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Today marks the last day of an intense week, where we covered the study of the physical aspect of the climate system and climate change and its socio-economic effects as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies. You will start the day learning about individual and collective action.

What is it that we can expect from climate change in the future? How do energy and food systems specifically contribute to climate change and what can we do to minimize this contribution? In his lecture, Dr. Paul Behrens talks about what choices we can make as individuals and as societies to improve the chances for a better future. You will then focus the rest of your day on advancing your research projects. There will be no tutorials.

Video 1: Futures From the Frontiers of Climate Science#

# @markdown

from ipywidgets import widgets
from IPython.display import YouTubeVideo
from IPython.display import IFrame
from IPython.display import display

class PlayVideo(IFrame):
  def __init__(self, id, source, page=1, width=400, height=300, **kwargs): = id
    if source == 'Bilibili':
      src = f'{id}&page={page}'
    elif source == 'Osf':
      src = f'{id}/?direct%26mode=render'
    super(PlayVideo, self).__init__(src, width, height, **kwargs)

def display_videos(video_ids, W=400, H=300, fs=1):
  tab_contents = []
  for i, video_id in enumerate(video_ids):
    out = widgets.Output()
    with out:
      if video_ids[i][0] == 'Youtube':
        video = YouTubeVideo(id=video_ids[i][1], width=W,
                             height=H, fs=fs, rel=0)
        print(f'Video available at{}')
        video = PlayVideo(id=video_ids[i][1], source=video_ids[i][0], width=W,
                          height=H, fs=fs, autoplay=False)
        if video_ids[i][0] == 'Bilibili':
          print(f'Video available at{}')
        elif video_ids[i][0] == 'Osf':
          print(f'Video available at{}')
  return tab_contents

video_ids = [('Youtube', 'zHNCB0lnA6M'), ('Bilibili', 'BV1cx4y1Z7Jd')]
tab_contents = display_videos(video_ids, W=730, H=410)
tabs = widgets.Tab()
tabs.children = tab_contents
for i in range(len(tab_contents)):
  tabs.set_title(i, video_ids[i][0])


# @title Slides
# @markdown These are the slides for the videos in all tutorials today
from IPython.display import IFrame
link_id = "3tc2h"
print(f"If you want to download the slides:{link_id}/")
IFrame(src=f"{link_id}/?direct%26mode=render%26action=download%26mode=render", width=854, height=480)
If you want to download the slides: