This tutorial is all about the research process from concept to conclusion. We will walk you through the thinking process behind scientific research and some tools that will help you as you think through your own projects. The first half will focus on the process of planning a research project. In Step 1, we will walk you through how to ask a good research question. Step 2 will explain the goals of the literature review process. Step 3 will introduce you to the wide range of datasets used in climate science and give an introduction to when you might use some of them. Step 4 will explain how to develop a robust hypothesis based on the resources available.

The second half will focus on data analysis and communicating your results. Step 5 will guide you through drafting the analysis, and at Step 6 we will implement a sample analysis. Step 7 will explain what to take into consideration when interpreting your results. Finally, Step 8 will talk you through how to communicate your conclusions to different audiences. We hope that after this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of how to complete research that is clearly motivated and rigorously supported.

Day Learning Objectives#

  • Formulate a sample research plan including a research question and hypothesis, as well as a literature and data set review.

  • Reflect upon this research plan through the lens of equity.

  • Execute this research plan using data analysis.

  • Communicate your results to a scientific audience as well as the public.